YAGAN STONE EYEWEAR (YSE) specializes in luxury gemstone embellished eyewear, handcrafted in Italy. Established in 2020, Los Angeles based eyewear brand YSE uniquely approaches its designs by strategically embedding ethically sourced luxury gemstones into the eyewear frames, distinctly creating a personalized frame and aura. 

YSE originated from founder & creative director, Kwame Morris’ personal connection to eyewear. The son of musical icon, Stevie Wonder, Morris found early inspiration for eyewear design through his father’s countless iconic eyewear styles and those of his contemporaries. Born in Australia, he was also inspired by his connection to his namesake, Yagan, the Aboriginal warrior. The self named eyewear brand “Yagan Stone” is derived from the designer’s middle names. 

YSE is committed to honoring the classic iconic eras and cultural movements that have shaped eyewear’s history. The ethos and genesis of bespoke eyewear brand, Yagan Stone Eyewear, encapsulates this world-renowned heritage and reimagines timeless eyewear fashion.